Trump Card – Dairy Industry – Threat to Farmers

Trump Card – Dairy Industry – Threat to Farmers

All US Presidents who have visited India behaved like CEO of their country and have made multi million dollar deals for US. 36 hour Visit by Trump is no exception.

Trump Card – Dairy Industry – Threat to Farmers

$2.6 billion deal for the 24 MH-60R multi role helicopters from Sikorsky- Lockheed Martin and 6 AH-64E Apache attack helicopters for the Indian army for around $930 million will help US more than India.

India has started defence trade with US in 2008 and it’s growing to reach $25 billion soon. But do we need these?

When basic healthcare facilities are still below par when compared with other developed countries, we are spending too much on defense.

Education, Health care and Infrastructure is where the expenditure should go to become a Super Power, where we see billions of dollars going into defense.

US, on the other hand wants to get into dairy industry(milk and milk products) but India hasn’t open its gates till now, but has inked a deal for US to export dairy products to India. This is a threat to farmers as they will be hit hard.

Obama made sure that he signed billion dollar deals for Boeing. SpiceJet had a deal with Boeing then. Now we have witnessed Trump inking these deals.

Few positives from trumps visit are US backing permanent membership for India in UNSC and US support for India’s entry to the NSG.

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