Parasite | South Korea | Bong Joon Ho | 132″

Parasite | South Korea | Bong Joon Ho | 132″

Undoubtedly one of the best film to watch in #17thCIFF today.

Mr. Park’s house shown in the film was too good and hard to believe it’s a set.

Ki taek’s family of 4 living in semi base apartment is unemployed and desperate to find job. KiWoo, Ki Taek ‘son was recommended to take the job of English tutor his friend at Park’s house for Park’s daughter. Kiwoo’s friend suggest him to fake his degree to get the job.

Kiwoo’s sister creates fake degrees and KiWoo gets into Mr. Parks house. KiWoo learns about Parks son Da Sang being naughty and mischievous kid..suggests Jessica, art therapist who is nothing but his sister.

Son and Daughter bring their father as Chauffeur and Mother as House keeper by faking things to Mr.Park’s Family.

When Mr.Parks family goes out for campfire, KiTaek’s Family rejoices in the luxury.

Interesting twist here is when the old housekeeper comes back and reveals she left something in the basement and a secret bunker was goes into thrilling new dimension.

Old housekeeper’s husband was seen living there for 4 years..the film sets off and no stopping. Old housekeeper also quickly finds out that the Kim’s family is faking and fooled her and Mr.Park’s family.

What happened later? Did Mr. Kim Taek and his family able to manage and overcome the old housekeeper and her husband?

Last 30 minutes of the film were simply fantastic.

Acting of Kim’s family has to be appreciated and it was so real. Chung Sook, wife of Kim Taek has to be appreciated.

Deserves the Awards and appreciations the movie is receiving.

A must watch for Movie Buffs.

#17thCIFF #CIFF #17thChennaiInternationalFilmFestival

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