New Catchment Areas

Election Schedule announced yesterday seems to be fully biased and looks like its advantage BJP with this schedule.

Amit Shah has been mentioning about new catchment areas for the 2019 loksabha elections for quite some time.

New Catchment Areas = Tamilnadu + North Eastern States

Astrologers have advised to get the elections of new catchment areas well before 22-April, analysing Modi’s Charts and the elections on New catchment areas (Tamilnadu, North Eastern States) are happening well before April 22, 2019 as per their suggestions.

BJP seems to bank on these new catchment areas and they are favouring them as well with 5 seats alloted to them in Tamilnadu which is rare. With No Jaya and No Karuna Lotus trying to bloom in Tamilnadu with modi visiting here 4 times in 40 days.

Note: I don’t associate with or a member of a political party in India.

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