A Better India A Better World – N R Narayanamurthy

Heard NRN speeches many times during my days at Infosys and he stresses on Values, Leadership Challenges, Quality, fairness, being a honest professional and a Leader.

In this book, again he specifies about

  1. Values,
  2. Education,
  3. National Issues,
  4. Economic reforms of 1991,Economic reforms in India,
  5. Urban Planning,
  6. Software enterprises which have increased in number over the past 25 years,
  7. Leadership Challenges
  8. Corporate governance
  9. Public governance
  10. Being compassionate, Compassionate capitalism
  11. Corporate social responsibility and
  12. Globalization


Regarding leadership, he goes on to say this…

Leadership is not about you. It is about how you can bring aspirations, confidence, joy, hope, enthusiasm and energy to your people. To do this, you must behave in a manner that people flock to you to seek help, solace, guidance, confidence and joy.

A good leader makes people feel an inch taller in his presence. He is generous, Confident and decisive.

A good leader is firm but courteous. He shows his frailties since people want to see him as a normal human being rather than a superman.

Above all a good leader will be humble.

Learned and educated is highly valued and NRN goes on to explain it by Sanskrit lines below..

Swagruhe poojyate jheshtha, swagraame poojyate prabhuhu

Swadeshe poojyate raja,

Vidwan sarvatra poojyate

The eldest is respected in the house, the headman in the village

A king is respected in his country,

But the learned everywhere

In tamil, its simplified as “கற்றவர்க்கு சென்ற இடமெல்லாம் சிறப்பு”.

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