How to be Interesting – Jessica Hagy

Jessica Hagy lists out the points which will make you an interesting person from a normal person. Also gives importance of reaching out.

Thoughts are well put by diagrams, maps and charts which makes it easy to read and understand.

Failure is a result of giving up and didn’t even bother to try. Importance of hanging on with a task and importance of reaching out to strangers to get the task done is mentioned with diagrams.

The people we admire, who inspire and impress you, the people you love or would like to love are so reachable.

It’s us who are not reaching out to them says the author.

Owning your territory and importance of mastering it and owning it is mentioned. This is how to combine a sense of freedom with a feeling of safety.

Embrace your weirdness and be yourself in public. Be yourself at work and Wear your personality proudly.

Dont censor your skills or hide your unique features.

To have a difference is to have an identity.

To make it public is to be truly yourself.

Jessica Hagy lists the ten steps to be interesting which are

  1. Go exploring.
  2. Share what you discover.
  3. Do something.
  4. Embrace your weirdness.
  5. Have a cause.
  6. Minimize the Swagger.
  7. Give it a shot.
  8. Hop off the Bandwagon.
  9. Grow a pair.
  10. Ignore the Scolds.

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